Are you thinking about getting an inflatable bed but aren’t quite sure whether it’s a good idea? You may need to have a look around and decide if it is worth investing in one that is only going to be used occasionally. Well in this article we are going to help you make up your mind and give you a few pointers on what to look for in a good inflatable bed. There are many different situations in which you would need one of these beds so why not read on and see how many apply to you?

Why do you need an inflatable bed? Is it because you have guests around often or is it because you like to relax while camping? There are so many places that you can use a blow up bed so in this article we are going to give you a few ideas for when you would use a bed.

When Guests Come To Stay

When guests come around unexpectedly or want to stay over, there is nothing nicer than offering them a bed for the night. However this isn’t always practical as many people don’t have enough space for a guest bed to be made up all the time. This is where an inflatable bed come sin. The bed can be pulled out, some space made on the floor overnight and you can blow up your bed accordingly. In the case of guests, you can purchase a divan style inflatable bed which can look and feel like it is a real guest bed. In fact your guests won’t be able to see the difference! With the Aerobed brand, you will find that they even have the technology to stop the swaying that you often get from an air bed. This means that one person can toss and turn all night while the other can sleep soundly without being knocked or disturbed. The Aerobed raised comfort guest bed is great for this.


If you go camping often the outdoor Aerobed is ideal. It is made from really sturdy material that will be strong enough to withstand any stones or sticks it may be laid on. It is also completely waterproof so even if it you do have wet ground underfoot then you can feel safe that your bed won’t be damaged. The outdoor bed even has a built in pillow section in it so you can save space in the boot of your car for other things! The bed is so small when it deflates that it can fit neatly into your car and will take up as much space as a thin roll up camping mattress.
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For When The Kids Have Friends Over

Now we all know that kids don’t mind sleeping on hard floors, sofas or any other space they can get their hands on but with the Aerobed mattress, they get a more comfortable sleep and can relax a bit more. These mattresses are a basic yet comfortable way to sleep on the ground and are both single and doubles so the kids friends can bunk up or they can have their own private space. Simply deflate these mattresses and store them under your kids beds for whenever they want friends to stay. Perfect.

So now you know all the different times you will need an inflatable mattress, why not use some home products reviews to see which one will suit you and your lifestyle best?