Better Avoid Cheap Breast Reduction Surgery

When it comes to having breast reduction surgery Michael Zacharia there are several financial factors that you must keep in mind.  It’s best to remember that well-performed cheap breast reduction surgery does not exist.

First and foremost you will not want to settle on the “cheapest” plastic surgeon that you find. Typically, you will get what you pay for. “Cheaper” when it comes to surgery could be disastrous!

There can be a considerable difference in the price range depending on several different factors. So keep this in mind and do your research.

Cheap Breast Reduction Surgery Is Relevant To Area

The cost can be higher or lower depending on the geographical area, such as what city or state it will be done in. You can expect to pay more if you elect to have your surgery in urban cities.

There will be a cost difference depending on if the procedure is done in an office facility, an ambulatory surgery center or performed in a hospital.

Cost of The Surgeon’s Skills

Be prepared to pay for the “experience” and “skill” of the plastic surgeon performing the breast reduction surgery. The better and more experienced surgeons tend to migrate to larger cities where they can charge the patient more for the operation.  Most highly skilled surgeons make certain that there is no such thing as cheap breast reduction surgery.

The average cost for the plastic surgeon ranges from $3,500 up to $5,400. This is an “average” cost, it will be considerably higher in the larger cities. This price will also be determined by the surgeons expertise and the type of procedure to be done.  Again, depending on your specific financial resources, cheap breast reduction surgery is relative to that circumstance.

Anesthesia Costs Per Breast Reduction Surgery

The average cost for an anesthesiologist ranges between $1,500 and $2,500. This will depend on how long the surgery takes. Most anesthetist charge $200-$350 per hour.

Breast reduction surgery has direct and indirect costs.

Direct Costs will include (but are not limited to):

  1. Operating fee for the plastic surgeon
  2. Anesthesia procedure by the anesthesiologist
  3. Cost of the facility or hospital where the surgery will be performed

Indirect Costs will include (but are not limited to):

  1. Medication used by the plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist              
  2. Insurance co-pay (usually 20% depending on your policy)
  3. Missed days at work              
  4. Post-surgical bra, breast compress, new clothes                
  5. Help at home to assist you with meals and cleaning         

Corrective surgery if this is required (be sure to ask your plastic surgeon what their policy is on paying for revisions). This is important because it definitely takes the “cheap” out of cheap breast reduction surgery.  Any complications are not only twice the pain but many times, twice the price as well.

You will find that with most breast reduction surgeries the price will be “all inclusive”. You can ask your plastic surgeon for a “breakdown” of the expected costs.

There are credit card companies such as “CareCredit” through GE Capital that will finance medical procedures. It may be cheaper to put it on one of your existing credit cards if you have a reasonable interest rate.

Some financial institutions even advertise directly for “Breast Reduction Surgery Financing.”

The average cost of breast reduction surgery in the United States is $4,425.

Here is what you might expect to pay for breast reduction surgery in various parts of the country:

Orange County, CA       $5,500-$12,000

San Diego, CA                 $7,500-$10,000

Manhattan, NY              $5,000-$15,000

Denver, CO                    $7,000-$11,000

Columbus, OH               $5,600-$6,200

Atlanta, GA                    $6,550

Baltimore, OR               $6,000

Rockville, MD               $4,000-$6,000

Houston, TX                  $6,500-$6,000

Dallas, TX                     $8,500

Lubbock, TX                 $5,250

Private Pay for breast reduction surgery:

Los Angeles, CA            $10,000-$25,000

West Palm Beach,CA     $5,000-$15,000

The cost of breast reduction surgery is variable depending on the geographical area in which it is performed. Physician’s skills will also vary.

Your decision to have breast reduction surgery should not just be decided upon by the cost of the procedure alone. Do extensive research, check all of your options and read the “fine print” before signing any documents.

However, keep in mind that a person who makes $35,000 a year does not think any of the above costs relate to cheap breast reduction surgery, while the lady with an unlimited budget (or at least is very highly paid) may not think these costs are expensive at all.